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Snackwells Cookie Coupons

Snackwells cookies are good whether you are the exotic cookie eater or the plain one.  Their website has tons of recipe ideas that you can do with their cookies to make things a little more exciting or for those plain nights where you just want something sweet without all the extra stuff.  They are yet another brand of cookies manufactured by Nabisco who also make Oreos and all of your other favorite snacks.  Snackwells even have cereal bars waiting for you to try and even tasty Devil's food cookies.  Indulge in the tasty world of Nabisco and save today with these Snackwells coupons.

Let’s start with the creme sandwich cookies. These are great if you love to eat healthy, but also love to snack, especially on sweet things. These are perfect, actually. You can snack on these without packing on the calories, the flab, or the guilt. They are sweet so they can settle that initial craving, but each serving is only 110 calories with a measly 3 grams of fat. The cookies are soft and moist while the filling is a delicious vanilla. By using your printable Snackwells cookie coupons you can snack healthy for less money.

Printable Snackwells Cookie Coupons

Next, on to the cookie made for the chocolate cookie and cake lover, and who isn’t one of those? Now you can have the best of both the cake and cookie worlds, it comes in the form of Snackwells devils food chocolate cookie cakes. If you eat one you will have to recheck the package. That’s right, it says fat free on the front of the box. You will ask yourself how a cookie so soft, so delicious can be fat free. These cookies are low on carbs, calories, and fat. The only thing that would make these better would be using the Snackwells cookie coupons on your next purchase.

There are also the Snackwells sugar free short bread cookies. These are not a reduced calorie food, but they are sensible snacks. They are low in cholesterol, have six grams of fat per serving, and are sugar free. These rich, flakey cookies melt in your mouth and go great with a glass of cold skim milk. You can easily use the free Snackwells cookie coupons on these delicious snack choices.

Last, and certainly not least are the chocolate mint cookie cakes and the black forest cookie cakes. If you are a chocolate lover to the extreme then these are the cookies for you. These cookies are soft, sweet, and chocolaty. Each cookie is 50 calories with hardly any fat, only one percent per serving. Just warm these little cookies up in the microwave and serve warm under some ice cream or hit up some hot chocolate on those colder nights.

Regardless of the Snackwells you love, you can use the Snackwells cookie coupons to save. They are easy and free to print off online and are the best deals you can find anywhere. So stop paying too much for snacks and start snacking smart. With Snackwell’s you can save on the calories, fat, and money.

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